Kingdom Factors would love to help you and your Church, ministry, or non-profit organization with any or all of the following Operational areas!

General Operations
We can help you identify the operational strengths & weaknesses within your organization. We will help you learn how to use each of these to your advantage.

We can help you evaluate your organization’s various roles. We will help you to ensure that all roles are clearly defined and that each is aligned with one another. We will help you to identify any gaps and how to fill them.

We can help you create and/or develop a Strategic Plan that meets the capability of your team. If you already have a solid Strategic Plan, we will help you identify any areas that need to be updated or modernized.

We can help you create the culture that you want to have or amplify the culture you currently have for an even greater impact.

There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed just about every aspect of your Church, ministry, or non-profit organization. From the way, we “Do Church” on Sunday mornings to the way we interact with employees, volunteers, members, or visitors. We can help you with COVID-19 Protocols, CDC implementation, and developing effective practices. We will help you with proactive adjustments to the ever-changing needs, from mandates, recommendations, and data. We will show you how to create online methods for many of the tasks that were previously handled im-person, and help your staff adapt to the new systems.

Finance / Accounting
We can help you develop or streamline back-office methodologies and procedures to ensure best practices uniformity. We will help you establish or customize your donation and giving process. we have the expertise to give you an honest evaluation of your organization’s financial health and show you proven methods to improve. We are able to analyze your Church staff’s pay and optimize the healthcare and other benefits you offer.

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